Overnights will be at the Beckwith Camp and Conference Center 10400 Beckwith Lane, Fairhope, AL 36532.


The camp is less than fourteen miles from the towns of Foley and Fairhope. There are canoes and kayaks for participants to use. A beach on Weeks Bay and a pool are available for swimming. A small adventure course is on site and can be used for a fee. Participants must preregister so a guide can be secured. Weeks Bay is wonderful for fishing. All Alabama fishing rules apply.


Besides camping, AMBA participants can choose to sleep in a sixteen person bunkhouses. There are limited dorm rooms, and cottage on site and hotels in Fairhope and Foley. Participants must make their own reservations for the on site dorm rooms and cottages and the hotels in Fairhope and Foley. All indoor facilities are air conditioned.


Meals: Breakfasts will be offered at the camp dining hall each morning, and lunch will be provided at locations where eating establishments are not available on route.


Daily Rest Stops will be provided on route where convenience stores or restaurants are not available ,and be stocked with water, Gatorade, fruits, and snacks. Check your cue sheets for locations, We set them approximately twenty-miles apart.


SAG (Support Aid Group) Service will be provided each day for a limited time. Because mileage changes each day, this time will also change depending on the distances ridden. Cue sheets will list when SAG Service starts and stops each day. The SAGs will have water, bike pumps, first aid kits and cell phones. We will try to have mechanics on call. Bring your own pump, extra tubes and repair kits to change flats and a multi-tool to get you on the road faster. SAG service is provided for mechanical or emergency pickup along the biking route. It is not intended as a taxi service. You will not be SAG’ed if you venture off the official biking route.


Bike Mechanical Service: A bike mechanic will be on call, or you can visit the shop in Fairhope. Discounted parts will be provided, you must pay for the parts and repairs.


Weather in Baldwin County Alabama at the time of this ride should be hot and humid (80 to mid 90 degrees) but cold spells (60 degrees) occasionally happen. Wind is always a threat near the coastline and can be unpredictable. Rain is always a possibility so be prepared on and off the road. It is not unusual to have rain in the afternoon for a short period. When it does come it can be spotty, raining in one place and not another.


Terrain is rolling hills and wind can make flat roads difficult. If you can't handle hills or wind, this ride may be too difficult for you.

Cost varies depending on where you stay, how many days of the ride you do and if you sign up online or with a paper registration. Please click here to download a pdf showing the pricing structure.




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