Click here to download this overview map showing where you will ride each day and what you may see!


Registration Noon to 5:00 PM
Optional Ride Day
Mobile to Bellingrath Gardens and back (unsupported).

Riding Day 1
Battleship USS Alabama

37.6/59.6 miles

Riding Day 2

Gulf Shores State Park

32/60.4 miles

Riding Day 3

Naval Air Museum – Home of the Blue Angels

38.5/59.6/71.8/101.9 miles

Riding Day 4

Five Rivers Delta Nature Center

32.8/58 miles

Riding Day 5

Fort Morgan/Dauphin Island

42.1/95.5 miles

Riding Day 6

Fairhope/Alligator Alley/Pitcher Plant Bog/
Weeks Bay Reserve

53.4 miles




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