The Routes will be on low traffic roads when possible. We will have to share roads with motorized vehicles and cross highways where extreme caution is required on occasions. Each day we will mark the road for you to follow on your bike. You can also refer to your cue sheets, which will be in your registration packet. Check the official AMBA information board each morning to see if route changes are required and if updated cue sheets are available.

Mileage varies from day to day and ranges from ?? miles to 100 if you do all the long routes. The total road distance covers over ?? miles and averages ?? miles a day. .


If you want shorter days of riding we ask you to drive to the first rest stops and start and end there. This option allows riders to reach the highlights and yet have a lower mileage day by cutting out the beginning and end of the long ride.


To accommodate the trend of riders enjoying long distance rides, we will offer participants the opportunity to start riding at camp each day and do long mileage. When routes are finalized, total mileage will be posted.




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